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MDE is on a mission to bring
seamless maternal support to the
families of New York

Maison D’Enfants (MDE) is a maternal support collective. We have a deep understanding of the challenges, joys and unexpected moments of parenthood, and we walk with you every day throughout your journey. We offer a range of in-person and virtual services to guide, support, and empower you and your family - starting with pregnancy and postpartum, and continuing throughout your parenting journey.

We specialize in pregnancy + birth support, postpartum + newborn care, lactation + feeding support, and child care. Our wonderful team of labor doulas, certified lactation counselors, registered pediatric nurses, childbirth educators, baby nurses, newborn care specialists, nannies and babysitters, are here for you and ready to support your family. When you join MDE, you join our family (“The House”). We strive to help you be the best parent you can be.

MDE was founded by Grace Barrow Piper, a Pediatric and Neonatal Registered Nurse, with Masters’ Degrees in Nursing (Pediatrics and Neonates) and International Public Health (majoring in Maternal Fetal Health). As an Aussie moving to the States in 2017, Grace saw a care gap in the current services offered for the families of NYC. She saw a need to provide exemplary long-lasting support to new families throughout their entire postpartum journey - not just pregnancy and birth - and so, MDE was born.


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Grace Barrow Piper (RN, MSN, MIPH)
Founder + Director

A Pediatric Registered Nurse, Grace has worked with children for over 10 years. Grace has a Masters in Nursing (Pediatrics and Neonates) and a Masters in International Public Health, majoring in Maternal Fetal Health. She is also a registered Nurse Immunizer and a registered American Red Cross First Aid and CPR Instructor.

Not only has Grace worked in Pediatric Intensive Care and Community Family Practice, but she has also worked as a nanny throughout her career, as she loves being with children. Her past work has given her a deep understanding of the importance of supporting a family through each perinatal transition, and the vital necessity of matching the best childcare provider with the right family.

Grace has turned MDE from her passion project into a thriving business in less than a year. She handles it all, from the day-to-day, to long term goals and business strategy. Grace provides client support and advice, drives new business and partnerships, and provides leadership and direction for the company, as well as drawing on her clinical background to design all of our services.

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Julia Frances Crawford (CLD, CLC)
Head of Communications

Prior to her work in the perinatal space, Julia spent years working in corporate communications, representing companies from a range of industries, in their internal and external communication efforts. As head of marketing and branding, Julia brings MDE’s identity to the next level. From creating and maintaining our social media strategy, to developing grassroots growth strategies to grow our village, Julia combines her passion for communication with her passion to help new moms in NYC into one powerful punch.

Certified Labor Doula + Certified Lactation Counselor + Childbirth Educator

Julia serves as our Perinatal Team Lead, coordinating support and education for families journeying through the perinatal period. She is certified through the international doula organization, CAPPA and Read more

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Jules Hall
Permanent Placement Specialist

With ten years experience in the recruitment and staffing industry, Jules Hall, sits on MDE’s Wonder Years Team as our permanent placement specialist. A dynamo in her industry, Jules has extensive experience working with families to find the perfect fit for their family dynamic - whether that be which summer camp to send their child(ren) to or now, with MDE, which nanny will suit their family and household needs best.

Jules walks alongside our permanent placement families throughout the entire process - from the first family welcome call, to the vetting of candidates + initial interviews, to final contract negotiations, and the first year of placement. A working mom herself, she understands the importance of finding the perfect fit for your individual family. As Jules likes to say, “if I wouldn’t choose this nanny to watch my son and care for my family, I won’t put that nanny forward to you.”

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Rebecca Morris
Anytime Sitter Coordinator

With years of childcare experience, both as a camp counselor and babysitter, Rebecca sits on our Wonder Years Team as our Anytime Sitter Coordinator, working closely with both our ATS families and sitters.

In addition to her childcare experience, Rebecca has an extensive background in the performing arts, with over ten years as a dance instructor. She is also a licensed remedial massage therapist.

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Postpartum Doula, CLC

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