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Prenatal Consultations

Offered In-Person
Offered Virtually

Congratulations on your pregnancy! At MDE we strive to provide full spectrum support to families through their entire parenthood journey - starting with pregnancy. How are you feeling about this pregnancy? Do you have a million questions and no idea where to start? Maybe you’re getting mixed information when you search Google? Or just feel overwhelmed by the amount of information out there?

Prenatal consultations are conducted by our perinatal support specialist (and mom too!), Julia, and last about two hours. The consultation will be designed just for you, allowing you time to ask any questions you may have, discuss your care provider options (OB, midwife, etc.) or visions you have for your birth. You can also discuss ways to make your pregnancy more enjoyable, if a labor doula is a good option for you, the different pregnancy exams/tests available to you, or even share about how tough pregnancy has been for you - or how excited you are - we are here for it all.

Labor Doula Support

Offered Virtually

MDE offers an extensive virtual doula support package (see below). While our doula is not physically present with you, they make themselves fully available via phone, text and Facetime throughout your labor and birth experience. This includes going on-call two weeks before your due date to be available for support 24 hours/day. Once your support contract is signed, your doula is also available for you to text/call for the remainder of your pregnancy whenever you have any questions or concerns pop up. As it is our priority that you feel comfortable with your doula not being physically present, our support package offers two one-hour consultations between you and your doula to discuss/review any labor and birth related topics. Your doula will also help you to create a ‘birth preferences plan,’ sharing the many different options you have when birthing your baby. It is our job to make sure you feel educated and empowered going into your birth experience. It is also your doula’s goal to educate your partner on how to support you, the birthing mom, throughout the different stages of labor. Your doula is just as much a support for you as they are for your partner!

Virtual Doula Support Package:

  • 2 virtual one-hour doula consultations (with the option to add more!)
  • 24/7 on-call support starting week 38 of your pregnancy until you give birth
  • Unlimited access to a perinatal support professional
  • Daytime text and phone call support throughout your pregnancy starting at 35 weeks
  • 1 virtual postpartum consultation
  • Option to add on postpartum and/or lactation consultation(s)

For pricing information please visit our pricing page.

Comprehensive Childbirth Education Course

Offered Virtually

In birth, knowledge is power. While the birth of your baby may feel scary (and exciting too!), equipping yourself and your partner with extensive knowledge on the physiological process of birth and educating yourselves on the different road bumps that can occur during your labor, will leave you feeling confident and ready to bring your baby into the world. Our course educator will also cover different medical interventions that could come your way, how to approach medical decisions during your birth, and will share non-medical and medical coping options available to you. Our 4 session course will provide you with the skills, confidence and peace of mind needed to have the successful childbirth experience you deserve. To review our course syllabus and learn more about our course educator, please visit our Courses + Workshops page.