Joining The House

Every family is unique - and we love getting to know each and every one of you. When you join The House, in order to get to know your family, we will conduct a virtual consultation to initiate your journey with us. As we get to know each other, we will discuss your family’s support needs, designing a personalized plan for your family. Virtual welcome consultations are the first step in developing a trusting and long term relationship.

Once we conduct our initial welcome consultation and figure out what support is best for your unique family dynamic, we will invite you to join The House by purchasing an MDE Membership. Please see below for detailed pricing on each offering and note that all our employees are W2 employees. If your family receives more than 40 hours of support in one week, the hours after 40 will be paid at 1.5x the hourly rate.

Take the first steps in joining The House by filling out your family profile:


Annual Membership (provides you with exclusive access to all offerings)$200
Pregnancy + Birth
  • Comprehensive Childbirth Education Course
  • 4 session virtual group course (Thursdays 7-9pm est)
  • 4 session virtual private course
  • Prenatal Support and/or Labor + Birth Prep Consultation (virtual)
  • Virtual Doula Support w/ Julia: Prenatal consultations (2), unlimited phone, text and Facetime support during ALL hours of labor, including being on-call 2 weeks before due date
Postpartum + Newborn Care
  • Support Consultations
  • Unlimited on-demand postpartum + feeding text support w/ Julia
  • Postpartum Consultation (excluding feeding topics)
  • Certified Lactation + Feeding Specialist Consultation (virtual)
  • Postpartum Doula Support (overnight + daytime; 3 hr session minimum)
  • Sleep Training
Starting from $850
  • Transitioning to Solids (2 hour in-home consultation + 1 month text support)
  • Newborn Care Support (In-Home)
  • MDE Baby Nurse (short-term overnight support)
$70-85 (per hour)
  • Newborn Care Specialist (long-term overnight and/or daytime support) placement fee
  • Education
  • Newborn Care Course (2 session private course, virtual)
  • Pediatric Safety Course
  • Offered virtually; no certification
  • Offered in-person; includes Red Cross Certification
Wonder Years
  • Nanny Placement | Long Term: Full-Time or Part-Time
  • Nanny Placement | Short Term: Sourced through ATS Team
$450 - $3,000
  • Nanny Placement | Out of House Vetting Fee (full background, references, social media immunizations + vaccinations check, etc.)
  • Anytime Sitter Booking Fees:
  • Daily: For one session booked between M-Sun.
  • Weekly: When more than one session is booked between M-Sun.
  • Overnight: For sessions ending at or after 2 AM
$100 (per night)
  • Booked Within 24 Hours (fee is in addition to standard booking fee)
$25 (per session)
  • Anytime Sitter: 1 child (aged 6 mos+) or 2 children (when at least one is over 3 years old)
$27 (per hour)
  • Anytime Sitter: 1 child (aged 0-6 mos)
$30 (per hour)
  • Anytime Sitter: 2 children (both being 3 years old and/or under 3 years old) or 3 children (all over 3 years old)
$33 (per hour)
  • Anytime Sitter: 3 children (when at least two are 3 years old and/or under 3 years old), 4 children or birthday party
$40 (per hour)
  • Anytime Sitter: Nurse or Midwife ATS Hours (1-2 children)
$35-40 (per hour)
Courses + Workshops*
  • Newborn Care Course (offered virtually or in-person)
  • Pediatric Safety, First Aid + CPR Course (offered virtually or in-person for certification)
In-Person $200 (per person)/ Virtual $175
  • Comprehensive Childbirth Education Course (offered virtually)
Group $425 / Private $850
*Course Cancellation Policy: We require 48 hours notice to reschedule or cancel your scheduled course. Please note that cancellations incur a 50% cancellation fee. The remaining 50% will be reimbursed as a credit toward future MDE services.