Please see below for a list of frequently asked questions. If your question isn’t answered and/or you would like to connect with a member of our team, please contact us here.


We consider our company, MDE, to be a big family; a community of parents all navigating the ins and outs of parenthood, while being supported by our team of experts. Joining our House allows us to get to know you better, welcome you into our community and provide you with the support your family needs. Prior to starting your journey with us, you and your family will meet with a member of our team to host a complimentary virtual Family Welcome Video Call. This allows us to get to know each other, discuss your needs and design a personalized plan of support for you and your family - whether that be labor doula and postpartum support or matching you with the perfect caregiver for your unique family dynamic.

An annual MDE Membership provides you and your family with exclusive access to all of our offerings and our wonderful team of experts. In addition, the annual membership covers the fees for and ensures all of our ATS (Anytime Sitter) team members are First Aid and CPR certified, fully immunized (including the COVID-19 vaccine), reference checked and background checked.

Our prenatal consultations are designed specifically for you. What would you like to get out of our time together? Conducted by our perinatal support specialist (and mom too!), Julia, you can use the time to discuss any questions you have about pregnancy - what you can and cannot eat, resources for pregnancy diet and exercises, optional and required tests that come up during pregnancy, how your partner can support you throughout pregnancy, when you should start looking into a labor doula - the list is endless. We can also spend time talking about your experience with pregnancy - maybe it’s been really challenging to be pregnant - we get it! Or maybe you’re so excited and ready to discuss important items to add to your baby shower registry. We are here for you. Our pregnancy consultations can go in whichever direction is most helpful and supportive to you.

We recommend booking a doula between weeks 26-32 of pregnancy, however you can begin the interview process and/or book your doula whenever it feels most comfortable for you! At MDE, we will not book labor doula support until you are in your 5th month (or further along) of pregnancy due to scheduling logistics.

We recommend beginning your childbirth education course between weeks 28-33 of your pregnancy. The most ideal time to take our 4 session childbirth education course would be during weeks 33, 34, 35, and 36 of your pregnancy. Our childbirth education courses fill up fast due to our limit of 4 couples per course, so we recommend registering earlier rather than later.

We believe a doula’s role is to offer evidence-based, non-judgemental, compassionate perinatal support to all birthing persons. Every person deserves to birth their baby in the environment they want, with the people and support they want, in the way that they want. How do you want to birth your baby? Maybe you don’t yet know and that’s okay too. We are here to educate, empower and support you in any avenue you choose.

Yes! A partner’s love and support during labor is invaluable and cannot be replaced. As a support professional, your doula’s role is to support BOTH you and your partner. During your scheduled in-home prenatal visits a doula is there to answer all questions, including addressing the worries and fears of your partner too. It is vital that your partner understands the physiological process of birth just as much as you do!

As partners can often feel anxious and unsure of how to help you during labor, your doula will help educate your partner on how to not only support you in general, but how that support will change as you journey through the different stages of labor. A doula can also allow your partner to rest without leaving you alone, and help to validate what is happening throughout your birth, as the doula is experienced in birth and knowledgeable in the process of birth in a hospital setting. If a medical intervention is recommended by your doctor, your doula will take time to explain the process to both of you, making sure you understand each step, and they can also help you to advocate for yourself with your medical care providers.

In addition, your doula will make sure you are both nourished and hydrated, take photos for you, provide massage as a comfort measure, work through proper breathwork techniques with you, etc. so that your partner only needs to focus their energy on you.

A healthcare provider (OB, midwife, etc.) provides clinical support, specializing in pregnancy and gynecological health. A doula is a non-clinical support person who provides physical, emotional and informational support to a birthing person and their partner. While a healthcare provider will conduct examinations and deliver your baby, a doula will not. A doula does not replace your healthcare provider, but works with them to support you in the best way possible. Additionally, a doula provides services that your healthcare provider will not, such as massage, body positioning, breathework, non-medical pain management techniques, etc. as well as, helps you to feel heard and advocate for yourself throughout the entire process.

No. A doula’s role and scope is to provide informational support and birth education so that you are aware of your options and rights as a paying patient in the healthcare system. A doula does not advocate for you, but supports you so that you can advocate for yourself.

Our in-person doula support package includes two, 2-hour prenatal consultations in your home, 24/7 on-call support starting at the 38th week of your pregnancy, continuous labor and birth support up to 2 hours post-birth, and one postpartum visit in your home. This support package begins at $3,790. We believe that the support you need throughout your pregnancy and birth changes with each individual and family, and therefore more than happy to design a support package that is best for you - whether that includes additional prenatal sessions or postpartum sessions, you decide.