The annual Maison D’Enfants (MDE) membership fee of $200 allows you exclusive access to our Anytime Sitter (ATS) team. Without a current membership you will not have access to our exceptional sitter team. Prior to starting your journey with us, you and your family will meet with a member of our team to host a complimentary virtual Family Welcome Call. This allows us to get to know each other and determine the needs of your family in order to find the perfect sitter for you. In addition, the annual membership covers the fees for and ensures all of our sitters are First Aid and CPR certified, fully immunized (including the COVID-19 vaccine), reference checked and background checked. As this membership fee is an annual charge, the credit card you save on file in your MDE Portal family profile will be automatically charged every year on your annual renewal date unless you cancel your membership in advance of your renewal date. The renewal is non-refundable.

  • A) Travel Membership: If you are visiting NYC with your family, we would love to support you with up to 3 ATS sessions while waiving the above annual membership fee. There will be a one time travel membership fee of $50 added to your invoice.


Hourly Rates:
- $27/hour

  • - One child (aged 6 months or older)
  • - Two children (when at least one is over 3 years old)
- $30/hour
  • - One child (aged 0-6 months)
- $33/hour
  • - Two children (both being 3 years old and/or under 3 years old)
  • - Three children (all over 3 years old)
- $40/hour
  • - Three children (when at least two are 3 years old and/or under 3 years old)
  • - Four children
  • - Birthday party
- $35-40/hour
  • - Nurse or Midwife ATS hours (1-2 children)
- +$100/night
  • - Overnight rate (charged for any session ending at or after 2 AM)

Please Note: If you plan on having the number of children change throughout a single session, your session’s hourly rate will reflect the highest number of children present. If your family has a specific individual circumstance please reach out to us directly.

In accordance with New York State Labor Law, any hours logged after 40 hours per week will be counted as ‘overtime’ and charged at 1.5x the normal hourly rate. In addition, any sitting session conducted on a national holiday will be charged at 1.5x the normal hourly rate.

Booking Fees:
$15 - Daily booking Fee (for one session booked between M-Sun.)
$25 - Weekly booking fee (when more than one session is booked between M-Sun.) fee
$25 - Booked within 24hrs (additional fee when session is booked within 24hrs notice)


MDE Families are charged for each ATS session automatically via Stripe within 48 hours of the end of any given session. Whatever credit card the family has saved to their MDE Portal family profile is the card that will be charged. The family must update this card on their own if they wish to have a different card charged for their sessions. Invoices for each session are available for download via the Portal. Every session charge is inclusive of the session sitter fees and applicable booking, meal and transportation fees. Our billing week is Monday through Sunday.


Every ATS session must be requested via the MDE Portal Family Dashboard: Once you request a session our admin team will work diligently to pair your session with an available sitter. If you request a specific sitter and that sitter is unavailable our team will send the session to an available sitter who we feel fits your family dynamic. Once the request is completed, our admin team will then send you an email confirmation that the session has been scheduled. If you come across any issues when requesting a session via the portal you can reach out to for assistance.

Please Note: Our sitters are not able to arrange bookings directly so please do not contact them outside of your session(s) (unless it is to provide information about an upcoming session).


At MDE, we respect that our Anytime Sitters have other jobs, schooling, responsibilities, etc. outside of their sitting contracts with us. We have created the following policies to respect their time.

  • For reduction or extension of a previously scheduled sitter session: If you need to extend or reduce the length of a previously scheduled session we require 24 hours notice. While we understand that unforeseen circumstances come up, if you are running late, we require that the MDE Admin team, as well as your sitter, receive notice as soon as possible before the scheduled session end time.
  • For cancelations:If you must cancel or reduce the length of a previously scheduled session within 24 hours of the booking, you will still be charged the full scheduled session to compensate the sitter. Sessions must be canceled through, not directly with your sitter. Please note that this policy still applies even if you request a sitter, that sitter is not available and our team assigns a new sitter. As best practice, our team will automatically send your session request to another sitter who we think is similar to your requested sitter (someone who we think will be able to fulfill your family’s needs/wants just as well).
  • Due to COVID-19: If a previously scheduled session must be canceled due to COVID-19 the above cancelation policy and fee is waived.

VI) Hygiene

Our sitters are instructed to always wash their hands thoroughly as soon as they enter your home, before picking up a baby or child, before eating/handling/preparing food, after going to the bathroom, and being outdoors. Please let us know if you have any other requirements to help maintain the hygiene and peace of your home (for example, a ‘no shoe’ policy).

VII) COVID Vaccinations + Testing

All MDE employees have received the COVID-19 vaccination. In addition, we ask both our staff and the families we work with to be extra vigilant about monitoring their health status. For our staff, we ask that if they feel any COVID-19 symptoms, to test immediately and let us know so we can reassign or cancel any upcoming sessions. We also ask our families to keep us informed if they test positive for COVID-19 or find out they have come into contact with anyone who has tested positive for COVID-19. If illness for our staff does occur prior to starting work again we require that they provide a negative test result.

At MDE, we are committed to protecting public health, while still protecting our community’s privacy. We do not require that our families are tested for COVID-19 but do require them to share positive test results with us. We ask for transparency and full disclosure because when we are armed with information, we can ensure the health, wellbeing and safety of everyone that we work with. In return, we are committed to treating your sensitive personal information with the utmost discretion and respect.

VIII) Safety

All of our sitters are First Aid and CPR certified. Please be prepared to offer each sitter that enters your home all necessary emergency contact information including cell/work numbers, doctor/the nearest hospital, any other necessary emergency contacts and a list of medications and allergies.

IX) Transportation Before 7:00 AM or After 9:00 PM

When a session begins before 7:00 AM or finishes past 9:00 PM, families are required to cover the cost of a taxi/rideshare for the sitter up to $50. Sitters are required to submit the receipt via the MDE Portal. MDE Admin will add the expense to your credit card charge for the given session.

X) Sitter Meals

If your nighttime session starts before 6:00 PM and lasts longer than 3 hours you are required to provide dinner (up to $25) for your sitter. The sitter will purchase their meal through any meal delivery service and is required to submit a receipt via the MDE Portal. MDE Admin will add the expense to your credit card charge for the given session.
If your ATS session is an overnight session and includes additional morning hours, you are also required to provide breakfast for your sitter (capped at $25).

XI) Photos + Social Media

Protecting your family’s privacy is a top priority for MDE. Our sitters will never take photos of your children unless requested by you, the parents/guardians. They will also never share photos of your children on any social media platform.

All MDE sitters are happy to provide photo updates of your child if you request them. Once they have taken the photo and sent it, they will delete it from their camera roll and ‘deleted items’ folder immediately to ensure it is permanently removed from their phone/device.

XII) Phone Use

Our sitters are engaged and present with the children in their care at all times. Phone use while children are awake is limited to sending updates to parents and emergency calls/texts.

When a child is sleeping/napping, our sitters may use their phones for personal reasons, as long as it does not disturb the children or keep them from monitoring/checking on them.

XIII) Monitoring + Camera Use

If you have any in-home video monitor(s), please disclose this to MDE and your sitter in advance of the first session. Filming a sitter without their knowledge is strictly prohibited and will result in the termination of your membership.

When a child is sleeping/napping in another room, our sitters will check on them at least every hour, unless another arrangement is requested by the parents.

XIV) Pets

Please let us know in advance of your session if you have any pets, particularly dogs and/or cats, and tell us a bit about them (size, temperament, and any other useful information). This will help us to place you with the proper sitter and help us provide the best experience possible for everyone in your household.

XV) Tipping

We are committed to paying our staff a decent wage. There is no expectation for tips and we do not process them on behalf of our sitters. However, if you would like to provide a tip directly to a staff member on an occasion where you feel they go above and beyond, we are sure they would greatly appreciate your generosity.

XVI) Purchases

We understand it may be necessary for you to ask your sitter to run an errand for you or make a purchase related to the children and/or the sitter’s household duties. If this occurs, please ensure you provide your sitter with cash or another appropriate payment method ahead of time - please do not ask your sitter to make a purchase on your behalf with their own funds.

XVII) Non-Poaching

You may not use our ATS offering in connection with recruiting, soliciting or aggregating sitters to form or join another sitting/nanny agency or similar services, or for direct employment by you as a sitter or nanny, unless an arrangement has been reached with MDE.

XVIII) Indemnity Clause

You (as the family) agree to hold harmless and indemnify Maison D’Enfants from and against all claims, demands, actions, suits, damages, liabilities, losses, settlements, judgments, costs and expenses (including but not limited to reasonable attorney’s fees and costs) arising out of an MDE Employee and/or MDE Anytime Sitter’s negligence, whether it be sole or in concert with others, in connection with performance of the services described as Anytime Sitter Services.

By signing below I acknowledge that I have read and agree to the Maison D’Enfants LLC Terms & Conditions as outlined above in the MDE | 2023 Anytime Sitter Policy (Families). Additionally, I confirm that my signature below serves as one signature for my entire family and that all parents involved agree to the Terms & Conditions outlined above.

MDE | Permanent Placement - Household Employee(s) Policy (Families)

This policy does not take the place of a signed permanent placement contract, including but not limited to a Nanny Contract and/or Newborn Care Specialist/Baby Nurse (NCS/BN) Contract. Please review all contracts in full.

The following policy is inclusive of all MDE permanent placements. “Household Employee(s)” refers to part-time and/or full-time nanny, and NCS/BN placements.

I) MDE Membership*

The annual Maison D’Enfants (MDE) membership fee of $200 allows your family exclusive access to all MDE services. You must have an active MDE membership if you would like continued support and/or guidance from MDE’s placement specialist after your placement has been completed. As this membership fee is an annual charge, the credit card you save on file in your MDE Portal family profile will be automatically charged every year on your annual renewal date unless you cancel your membership in advance of your renewal date. The renewal is non-refundable.

Prior to starting your journey with us, you will receive a complimentary one on one family welcome consultation. This allows us to get to know each other and provides MDE with the necessary information that’s needed to find the perfect permanent placement(s) for your family dynamic.

*Please Note: Membership does not guarantee MDE’s placement process. MDE reserves the right to terminate a permanent placement contract with any family at any time due to: (1) breach of the following policy, (2) disrespectful communication from the family to MDE employees, (3) consistent lack of response to MDE’s permanent placement team, and (4) incorrect information shared to MDE by the family.

II) Fees / Financials

MDE’s permanent placement fee for any Household Employee is $7,000 plus a $200 MDE Membership Fee. The $7,000 total household employee placement fee is broken down into three payments. The first payment is the $1,050 retainer due at time of signing to initiate the search. Once virtual interviews have taken place, the second payment of $1,000 is automatically charged to your card on final. This second payment allows you to move forward into the next phase of the placement process - in-person trials/interviews. Once the in-person candidate trial(s)/interview(s) is/are scheduled, the third, and final payment of the remaining $4,950, is automatically charged after the Family signs their contract with the Nanny and/or NCS/BN.

Signing a placement contract with MDE indicates authorization for MDE to automatically charge your credit card on file with the 15% retainer fee to initiate the search and authorization to charge the remaining payments all totalling the $7,000 placement fee automatically when appropriate steps in the process are complete (as stated above). There is no provision in this contract for a period that delays the employment date. The Family agrees to pay all costs for collection in the event of non-payment.

  • Potential Additional Fees: Additional fees will arise if the Family decides to pause or terminate their search after 12 weeks of the Family’s ad being live and/or stop consistent communication with MDE on the search. If either occurs, a new retainer of $1,050 will be required if the Family is interested in re-initiating the search. In addition, should the Family decide to completely change their current search parameters (for example, from live-in nanny to live-out nanny, full-time to part-time etc.) a new retainer of $1,050 is owed.

Owed to Your Household Employee(s):

As stated in the contract you signed between your family and MDE, MDE will help finalize the contract between your family and your new Household Employee(s). You will agree to an hourly rate, guaranteed minimum weekly hours and benefits for the employee’s specific needs (please see ‘MDE’s Best Practices + Guidelines for Employing a Permanent Placement’).

When you (the Family) agree to move forward in partnership with MDE, you acknowledge that MDE advocates for “on-the-books” payment for all Household Employees. MDE is not comfortable working with any families who do not pay their nannies legally, abiding by all New York State labor laws. In order to make this process as seamless as possible, MDE partners with two incredible payroll providers, GTM and HomeWork Solutions (please see the document “Payroll Options'' within your MDE Resource Packet for more information.

In addition, all families who move forward in partnership with MDE agree to pay their Household Employee(s) overtime of 1.5x/hourly rate for any hours worked past 40 hours per week.

III) Household Employee Replacement Clause

  • Household Employee (excluding NCS/BN placements) | 90-Day Replacement Clause:

    After the placement process is complete, in the rare event that the Family needs the Agency to initiate a new search within the 90-day employment grace period (starting the day of a signed contract between Nanny and Family), the Agency will work diligently to find one new replacement nanny for the Family at no additional cost. A written statement of a replacement request must be made within 30 days of final notice given to the first placed Nanny.

  • NCS/BN Replacement Clause:

    In the rare event that the Family terminates the contract before contract end date, MDE will work diligently to find a replacement only if the NCS/BN is terminated due to cause (as outlined in your signed contract). MDE does not replace NCS’/BNs if there is a change of mind or conflict due to personality.

IV) Non-Poaching

You may not use our Permanent Placement Services in connection with recruiting, soliciting or aggregating any household employee(s) to form or join another sitting/nanny and/or baby nurse agency or similar services, or for direct employment by you, unless an arrangement has been reached with MDE.

V) Health and Safety

All of the the candidates put forward to your family are first aid and CPR certified, fully immunized*, including the COVID-19 vaccine, reference checked and background/social media checked.

*Please Note: All potential candidates put forward to your family are required to be fully vaccinated at all times for MMR, TDAP and COVID. Serology must be shown to determine the candidate’s immunity. Serology tests include: MMR, TDAP and COVID. The Flu vaccine is required annually at the beginning of flu season.

VI) Pets

Please let us know in advance if you have any pets, particularly dogs and/or cats, and tell us a bit about them (size, temperament, and any other useful information). This will help us during our screening and interview process, making sure the candidates we put forward are comfortable with your pets.

VII) COVID Vaccinations and Testing

At MDE, we are committed to protecting public health. All candidates we put forward to your family have received the COVID-19 vaccination. As per the CDC guidelines, this makes all candidates “fully vaccinated.” In addition, we strongly encourage all candidates to be up-to-date on their vaccinations by receiving a booster dose when necessary.

As you read through this policy, if any questions arise, please do not hesitate to reach out to our permanent placements team at